And it begins…

So this is the obligatory “what is this blog?” post.  This is a blog about all things Pacific Islands….but with a particular focus on climate change, health and nutrition.  I am currently completing my PhD at the University of Queensland investigating the impacts of climate change on food and nutrition security and non-communicable diseases in Vanuatu (try saying that 10 times fast!)

Why you ask?  A PhD blog can be a great way to learn to communicate your research to the general public, to disseminate results to a wider audience, to play around with ideas that are not developed enough to be full-fledged academic papers just yet and to just practice writing!

Or perhaps it’s just a thinly veiled procrastination technique (I am a PhD student after all – it’s pretty much what we excel at!) – but I hope it will be more than that.  I aim to present, and critique, Pacific-focussed research in everyday language, communicate my own research and probably share some of my personal trials and tribulations (and super fun experiences) in completing PhD field research in a beautiful Pacific Island setting.  Hopefully there will be an audience out there that will find some of this interesting and useful and maybe even start some more conversations around climate change and health in the Pacific.


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